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BSN-OTA, Nigeria 2018

The Biotechnology Society of Nigeria conference is an annual gathering and offers leading and emerging scientists, researchers, policy makers, governments, industry and other stakeholders in the research, application and business of Biotechnology in Nigeria and beyond; the ample environment for productive interactions and effective collaborations.

This year’s conference will hold at serene and secure grounds of Covenant University and with several notable speakers, exhibitions, technical sessions, pre-conference capacity development programme, and a robust and Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The conference will cover amongst others salient issues in Molecular Biology, food, medical pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural biotechnology as well as OMICS, Bioinformatics Biotechnology education, Bio-entrepreneurship, Natural product development and other emerging areas in the field of biotechnology.

Conference Theme: “Biotechnology: Key to achieving sustainable Development goals (SDGs)

Conference Sub-themes:

  • Bio- entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation
  • Algae biotechnology for Novel Food products
  • Bioremediation and Green environment
  • Bio-pharmaceutical and healthcare delivery
  • Biotechnology and food security
  • Bio-energy and climate change
  • Open Access: A new paradigm in publication


National Progress and Development Initiatives

In furtherance with the National Executive Committee efforts toward proactive progress and development in biotechnology for national advancement, the conference will entertain robust reports from the national working groups and position papers on the following areas:

  • Dairy and Fermented foods
  • Microalgae and novel food sources
  • Medicinal and Underutilized Plants
  • Crop genetics, breeding and genomics
  • Animal genetics, breeding and genomics
  • Genetic Resources Conservation and Enhancement
  • Waste recycling, biofuels and environmental remediation
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Omics and Bioinformatics
  • Biosafety, bioethics and legal issues in Biotechnology
  • Water Quality Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Medical Insect Biotechnology, Genomics and Molecular Genetics of pests
  • Biotechnology Policy Advocacy, Enlightenment and Public engagement with stakeholders / Policy makers
  • Biotechnology Education and Curriculum Development
  • Molecular Diagnostics and DNA Forensics
  • Microbiome and Microbial Biotechnology


Introducing Student Volunteer Programme at BSN-OTA ’18

As part of the effort to improve the conference organization and evolve an all-inclusive conference, where the younger generation are offered greater involvement in the running of our annual conference; we are introducing volunteering as a social responsibility duty. This volunteering programme at the BSN-OTA ’18 targets postgraduate and undergraduate students that wishes to take up responsibility at conference and related events as a show of entering early management role and becoming BSN ambassadors.

We therefore invite all intending students (Postgraduate & Undergraduate) to register as a volunteer on the registration page by choosing the most likely role they wish to perform while the conference last. As it states, it is completely a volunteering placement without any form of financial incentive. We encourage and welcome interested student to register early.

CONFERENCE DATE: Sunday, 5th to Friday, 10th August 2018.

CONFERENCE VENUE: African Leadership and Development Center, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.


To participate, Register with your appropriate designation, Submit abstracts and full paper, make payments  and then prepare for an awesome conference.


You are Welcome!!!!